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5 Ways to Be a Recycling Advocate

Guest Blogger

Want to do your part in preserving the earth for generations to come? Not sure how to participate? Recycling is a simple and easy way to make a difference in saving the planet for a brighter today and tomorrow.

5 ways you can be a recycling advocate:

  1. Get informed. Educate yourself. Do the research. Nearly every major metropolitan city in America (and most suburban and rural areas) participates in some type of recycling program. Start by checking on your community’s website for the service department and search from there. You’re likely to find the rules for your neighborhood as well as links to helpful information. For example, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio which covers 59 communities, including Cleveland, the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District presides over public education for recycling and manages the website Visitors can search for their community’s rules or look for specific items on the site’s “What Do I Do With?” search engine.
  2. Lead by example. Once you know the rules, don’t be a know-it-all, instead, show what you know. Use your own living space as an example by placing well-marked recycling bins next to trash cans. Post recycling rules on the refrigerator or somewhere prominent.
  3. Attend seminars and events. Ask questions. Get involved. Tune in and turn on to eco-friendly events happening in your neighborhood. Cuyahoga County sponsors educational events and seminars year-round. They also teach a Master Recycler certification series for in-depth study and advocacy.
  4. Join a social media community. Share a post. Do a story. Get engaged with the social media accounts in your community. You’ll find Cuyahoga County’s accounts located here: Facebook: @CuyahogaRecycles Instagram: Cuyahoga_Recycles Twitter: @RecycleCuyahoga
  5. Familiarize yourself with national recycling advocacy organizations such as Keep America Beautiful, The Recycling Partnership, and the Ohio Association of Litter Prevention & Recycling Professionals (OALPRP).

Once you’ve got the hang of recycling, you can also learn about various other eco-friendly topics from composting to zero-waste lifestyles. There’s seemingly no end to the ways we can reduce, reuse, and recycle for a cleaner and greener today and tomorrow.