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MedWish: Medical Supplies Get a Second Life

Guest Blogger

There are millions of people without access to sufficient medical supplies and equipment across the globe. Luckily, here in Cuyahoga County, we have the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. How is healthcare related to I can explain. When medical supplies and equipment are no longer needed, they often find their way directly to a landfill. By recycling any surplus medical supplies or usable equipment, you can help people who otherwise lack access. You divert these products from the landfill while saving lives!

Enter MedWish for Medical Supplies

MedWish is a Cleveland-based nonprofit working towards advancing healthcare in developing countries through recycling and repurposing medical supplies and equipment.

Dr. Lee Ponsky saw the lack of sufficient medical supplies and equipment in developing countries first-hand while he was practicing abroad, and in 1993, he decided to make a difference by creating MedWish.

When people buy new medical supplies and equipment, the dated versions are no longer in use. Sometimes, the equipment is no longer needed and just takes up space. The standard practice is to simply landfill all this material because it is quick and easy, but Medwish offers an opportunity to save these materials while doing the right thing.

Get Involved in Donating Medical Supplies

MedWish accepts unused, unexpired medical supplies and usable equipment. These donations power the Cleveland-based nonprofit and have allowed for 158 shipments of medical supplies to reach the hands of those in need in 2016. Over the lifetime of MedWish, 109 countries have seen deliveries and now have access to these lifesaving supplies and medical equipment.

MedWish has published a list of items they accept here. If you have anything on this list, put it to use by donating it to MedWish!

Believe it or not, MedWish also accepts donations of working vehicles. Why donate your car? First off, the donation is tax-deductible, and second, Car Program, Inc. will take care of administering the sale and transportation of the vehicle, so your donation will be hassle-free!

Medwish also accepts donations of time and money. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please click here.

Looking for other places to donate medical equipment in Cuyahoga County? See a list of options.

Author: Hillary Junglas, Solid Waste District intern