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Recycle More, Recycle Better in Cuyahoga County

Cristie Snyder

Now more than ever, Americans are recycling. But, while recycling has increased in recent years, so has our trash. According to, more than 60 million plastic bottles find their way to landfills and incinerators in the U.S. every day. So, there’s still plenty of materials to recycle.

Luckily, Cuyahoga County has made it easier than ever to recycle with clear details about in-home recycling, special collections and the proper disposal of everyday items.

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District answers your recycling questions at The site’s What Do I Do With search engine helps you determine if an item can be recycled curbside, recycled or donated elsewhere or should be placed in the trash for disposal in a landfill.

In-Home Recycling

Most product packaging and paper can be recycled in your home. In fact, you can cut your trash in half when you combine cans, cartons, glass, and paper, along with plastic bottles and containers in your curbside recycling. Each of the 59 communities in Cuyahoga County provides recycling programs and services to residents. Collection methods and programs vary, but most cities provide weekly or bimonthly curbside or backyard recycling pickups for residents. No matter where you live in Cuyahoga County, the same five core items go into your curbside bin: cans, cartons, glass, paper and plastic bottles. See more details about In-Home Recycling.

Other Recycling and Proper Disposal

It’s important to recycle correctly. There are items that do not belong in your curbside recycling. Keep these items out of your recycling cart, bin or bag: clothing, plastic bags, light strings and scrap metal can be recycled, reused or donated elsewhere. Use the What Do I Do With search engine to search for answers about the items you want to recycle.

Your community also offers special recycling programs to manage other items that can’t be recycled curbside, including paints and pesticides (household hazardous waste), computers and electronics, campaign signs and light strings. Visit Recycling in Your Community for a full list of recycling information and special collections in your neighborhood.


Not everything can be recycled. There are items that must be placed in the regular trash, including take-out food containers, tanglers (hoses and ropes), plastic toys, hangers, cups, lids, plastic utensils and broken ceramics. The What Do I Do With search engine offers answers for these items and more.